It’s incredible to think that just one year ago we launched our Australian store. It has been a brilliant journey and we’re so grateful to the millions of customers who have welcomed us.

Your enthusiasm and passion have seen you buying everything from video game consoles to the latest beauty products, and these purchases have revealed three fascinating trends that provide a glimpse into the heart of modern Australia and form the cornerstones of our report:

The Rise of Nostalgia (Embracing Your Inner Child)

A wise man once said that growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Aussies have clearly taken this to heart, doing an admirable job of encouraging their inner child to flourish through a strict routine of retro games, clothes, toys, and characters, featuring everything from Mario to denim jackets to LEGO.

The Self-Care Nation (Wellness, Fashion and Beauty)

Our obsession with health and wellness has resulted in some interesting sub-trends – from delicious drinks to community-conscious eating. We’re also an image-conscious nation - from the sandy shores of Bondi Beach to the glittering Gold Coast promenade, Aussies care about their appearance and are finding new ways and new products to look their best. We also try to broaden our minds with a number of personal development titles appearing in the best-sellers lists across Kindle and print books.

The Reign of the Fur Baby (Who Wants a Treat?)

We might not admit it, but our beloved pets sometimes win out as the favourite member of the family. While this is a trend seen around the world, us Aussies are some of the most devoted pet owners on the planet – about 62 per cent of Australian households own a pet and a higher proportion of us live with a dog or cat than a child.

This really has been an incredibly exciting year, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. To learn more about the trends above and loads of other fascinating Aussie insights we invite you to view our 2018 Trends Report here.