In fact, according to the Sleep Health Foundation, 7.4 million Australian adults do not regularly get the sleep they need. [1]

Fortunately, it’s never too late to improve your sleeping habits, and with the arrival today of World Sleep Day – an annual event designed to highlight the importance of getting enough shut-eye – we’ve compiled a list of dreamy products and Alexa skills that you can use to help ensure you’re getting the quantity and quality of sleep you need.

To start, we have selected some products we believe will help to have you napping in no time:

By monitoring your total hours of sleep, sleep levels, and sleep movement, the Garmin Forerunner 35 smart watch provides an easy way to keep track of just how much sleep you’re getting.

Featuring our cloud-based voice service, Alexa, this smart speaker offers features like sleep timing and meditation to help improve your sleep. See below for more tips on how Alexa can help.

An effective insomnia treatment, this mask/headphones combo will help block out sound and light while you sleep.

Commencing a sunrise simulation 30 minutes before your set alarm time, this alarm clock will gently bring you out of a deep sleep, and have you feeling energetic at the start of your day.

Magnesium deficiency is said to contribute to restless sleep. Caim & Able’s oil spray can help to combat this, and unlike oral magnesium supplements, it allows your body to absorb only what it needs.
· Women's Sleepwear Long Sleeves Pajama Set With Pants by NORA TWIPS
This soft and lightweight jersey pajama set provides warmth without the weight, keeping you cozy throughout the night.

· Calvin Klein Men's Modern Modal Loungewear and Calvin Klein Men's Heritage Body Sleep Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt
With this combination of soft cotton and classic Calvin Klein styling, you’ll be both comfy and cool as you climb into bed.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, we need all the help we can get. To recruit Alexa to your cause, simply say “Alexa” followed by:
· “Help me sleep”
· “Help me relax”
· “Help me chill”
· “Let’s chill”
· “Help me meditate”
· “Let’s meditate”

Each of these commands will activate a variety of skills to help you get a good snooze. If you want to try something more specific, you can try activating one of the skills below:
· Headspace Sleepcast
· Headspace Guided Meditation
· Ocean Sounds
· Sleep and Relaxation Sounds
· Rain Sounds
· Distant Thunderstorm Sounds
· Sleep Sounds: Beautiful Dream
· Rainforest Sounds
· Rain on a tent
· Japanese Flute

Or, if you have a child or baby you want to get on track with good sleeping habits, these skills may just do the trick:
· Bedtime Explorers
· Shush My Baby
· Bedtime Baby Lullabies
· Relaxing Sounds: Baby Bedtime Lullaby
· White Noise
· Amazon Storytime
· Red Riding Hood Interactive Story
· Hansel and Gretel Interactive Story

According to the World Sleep Society, just one night of poor-quality sleep negatively impacts your attention span, memory recall, and learning ability, and those of us who get better quality sleep are perceived to appear more youthful, alert, and attractive. If that doesn’t convince you get to bed early, then nothing will. Sleep well!

[1] Asleep on the job: Costs of inadequate sleep in Australia