J-beauty (shorthand for Japanese beauty and the array of cosmetics and skincare products that comprise it) takes a streamlined approach to beauty routines.

Currently trending across social media, beauty enthusiasts in-the-know are gushing over J-Beauty products’ minimal effort and maximum results. And thankfully for Aussies keen to get in on the grooming act, Amazon Australia has announced the expansion of its international offering on Amazon.com.au to include hundreds of Amazon Japan’s favourite beauty buys.

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Less is more

Built upon a ‘quality over quantity’ ethos, Japan’s cult beauty buys fuse ancient beauty traditions, natural ingredients, such as rice, seaweed, and green tea, and the country’s world-renowned cutting-edge tech. The result? Powerful products that are effective.

Some of these cult favourites that Australians will now have access to through Amazon.com.au include the best-selling Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Lotion and from Japan’s hugely popular skincare line, Hada Labo; Senka Perfect Melting Balm from the creators of Perfect Whip; Kikumasamune Japanese Sake Lotion which has 1.9M views on TikTok; and the Vitamin C-infused Saborino Morning Face Mask that is designed to brighten skin and reduce dullness.

Japanese Beauty Products

“Japanese beauty products remain some of the most innovative and cutting-edge beauty products in the world,” says Amazon Australia’s Global Stores Support Manager, Bronwyn Evans. “And there definitely seems to be a strong movement towards Japan’s more minimalist and natural skincare and cosmetics. 

“We know Aussie shoppers love cult Japanese brands and J-Beauty sees hundreds of millions of views on social media, so we look forward to seeing how customers react to the new selection on Amazon.com.au.”

Big in Japan

But it’s not just Japan’s beauty secrets that are now available to Aussie consumers.

Amazon Australia has recently announced the expansion of its international offering to include more than four million products from Amazon Japan.

Joining Amazon’s Global Stores from the UK, the US and Germany, the swag of new Japanese products will add to the existing 200 million-plus items that are already available on Amazon.com.au

The all-new offering of ultra-popular items from Japan will span the shopping gamut, from high-end fashion (including Gucci bags and accessories) and incredible artisan-produced cookware, to collectables and toys (including popular favourites, such as Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and Hello Kitty).

“If you've ever wanted to get some of Japan’s must-have items — but without the cost of a long-haul flight there and back— now is your chance. And all with the convenient delivery, meaning that Aussies can use Amazon.com.au as a one-stop-shop with delivery available direct to their front doors with the simple click of a button!”

To see the full range of Japanese products and brands now available on Amazon.com.au visit www.amazon.com.au/amazonjapan

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