It’s that time of year again. As the heady days of the summer holidays draw to a close, students across the country — and their respective parents, carers, and families — will find their thoughts turning towards back to school time. And when considering all the essentials (and the not so essentials) that your brood will need to help see them through the new academic year, don’t be surprised if you see a few familiar items that remind you of your own school days — of days spent sucking on frozen Zooper Doopers in the playground, of days spent doodling with smelly gel pens in class, and of days spent discussing the latest happenings in “Heartbreak High” with your mates.

Yep, just as 90s nostalgia has infiltrated everything from our wardrobes with the return of baggy ‘mum‘ jeans and grungy band tees, to our TV screens with 90s reboot after 90s reboot (“Friends”, anyone?) so too has it hit the contemporary classroom via a swag of products that now feature on both kid and teen wish lists.

However, this blast from the past is just one trend, among others, that you’ll need to be across when shopping for style-savvy youngsters. But before you get stressed thinking about everything on your shopping list, we've got some good news: we’ve done the hard work for you with a roundup of some of the key back to school trends for 2022.

From backpacks and lunch boxes, to laptops and stationary, we’ve rounded up the hottest items that are gracing school desks from the Gold Coast to Sydney and beyond. And all are available on meaning that you have an easy one-stop shopping destination to get everything your kids will need to thrive and succeed this coming school year.


In the 90s, the height of tech available to school goers comprised of calculator watches, Game Boys, and portable tamagotchi pets (it was all fun and games until you forgot to feed it for one day…). However, these days, young folk don’t know a world without the internet.

True digital natives, from their earliest youth, have been raised with the ability to communicate with anyone, at any time, so it makes perfect sense that this generation are using tech as a learning tool.

Armed with tech, curious tykes can hone their maths skills, discover distant lands on the other side of the world, listen to music, watch a movie, chat with their grandparents, or even explore the solar system. In the current climate of ongoing periods of home schooling and remote learning, accessing the wealth of educational programs and activities that are part and parcel of these devices, is more beneficial than ever. And while good old fashioned paper-based learning is great, a tablet or laptop is a nice extra tool in a kid’s learning arsenal.

The Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook is a compact, all-rounder, that’s both durable and perfectly sized for backpacks. Thin and lightweight and boasting up to 10 hours of battery life, the device is perfect for both education and entertainment.

The BuddyPhones Play Plus Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will undoubtedly appeal to little kids with its fun design. The bespoke design continues with more than 100 custom, interchangeable metallic, embossed stickers, meaning that kids can have a product that’s as unique as they are.


Cast your mind back to your childhood and you’ll recall that sensory products weren’t really a thing. In fact, the closest items available were likely squidgy slime in a tub (remember Gak?) or stroking the long, lustrous locks of a Troll Doll. Today, however, sensory toys and tools are big business — and for good reason.

Sensory play may help improve focus and concentration and reduce anxiety levels. So, it makes sense that sensory textures are being applied to more and more products, and the latest designs are often dual purpose. Case in point: pencil cases.

A core component of any school backpack, a pencil case, is handled countless times daily, making it perfect for some feel-good textures and

the Am Bulan Push Pop It Multi-Color Pencil Case as a cute pencil case and pop bubble sensory toy hybrid, certainly delivers. Another great option is the silicone N-BEST Mix Color Pencil Case.


Ah, the 90s — a time when scrunchies and flannelled shirts reigned supreme. While some sartorial hallmarks of the decade haven’t stood the test of time, others have gone the distance. Indeed, a few of your old backpack staples have evolved into modern-day must-haves.

One memory that is almost universal of school days of yesteryear is colouring with crayons. Turns out, while tech-y kids can navigate a touchscreen with ease, there’s something about an old fashioned Crayola colouring session that just can’t be beat.

Crayola Colors of The World Broad Line Marker Pack includes 24 specially formulated skin coloured markers making it easy for kids to colour both themselves, and their friends and families from across the globe.

Another quintessential memory that every 90s kid will have is of smelly gel pens. Perfect for writing notes in class, they made for hours of (smelly) fun. And now this scented stationary has made a comeback.

Contemporary kids will love the Amitié Lane Fruit Scented Markers especially given that the set is comprised of a whopping 44 pens in a range of different shades and scents. Plus, the accompanying unicorn design case is guaranteed to garner extra kiddie brownie points.


Speaking of colouring in… Just as the adult fashion world revolves around an ever-changing palette of colours that go in and out of fashion with dizzying frequency, so too does the playground equivalent. And this year the hottest hue in the classroom amongst mini-fashionistas is set to be the purple-pink hybrid, Very Peri.

Handily, you can ensure that your youngsters stay ahead of the fashion pack by getting them the super on-trend VASCHY Preschool Backpack.

Available in various colours and designs (including Very Peri with a cute unicorn and rainbow print) which are certain to delight. Its lightweight, water-resistant construction makes it both durable and easy to wear. Practicality-wise, an in-built divider easily houses a tablet, alongside notebooks and a pencil case. If you need a chunky pad of paper that’s perfect for note-taking and creative doodling, get a matching Alif A4 Exercise Book. The side pockets are perfect for water bottles and other belongings.


With functions ranging from counting steps and calories, to monitoring sleep, fitness trackers allow anyone to more easily achieve their workout and wellness goals — and all with a flick of the wrist. But it’s not just adults who can benefit from these wearable wonders, kids can too.

Today’s trackers for children can help them (and you) track their fitness goals, keep up with chores and homework, measure healthy habits like sleep, and also set bedtime and wake up reminders. Plus, they can help kids remain connected and safe on their journey to and from school.

The FitBit Ace 3 Activity Tracker has been created especially for kids and uses animated Minions to help motivate kids to move more daily with tracking features that allow children to find the fun in fitness.

The Disney Princess, Garmin Vivofit Jr tracker does a similar job, tracking physical activity alongside giving insights into sleep health and more. With a band design to suit all tastes, the device feeds back all activity to your smartphone, ensuring all activity is tracked and logged giving you an overview of your child’s steps, sleep and daily exercise.


It’s no secret that we all need to do our bit to be greener, and when it comes to giving your kids an eco education, it pays to get them started early.

Put your kids on the eco path by helping them to make the right choices when it comes to the products they use, and by providing sustainable options for their school backpacks, options that are both reusable and plastic-free.

Staying hydrated is important no matter how old you are and making sure that your child is equipped with a reusable child-safe water bottle when you send them off to school for the day — especially in a climate when bubblers are often out of action due to COVID precautions — is an essential. A great option is the Avanti Hydration Bottle.

Available in a rainbow of colour options, its twin-wall stainless steel inner and outer skin construction means it will go the distance, removing the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

And when it comes to lunchboxes, the Ecozi stainless steel 3 compartment lunch box is a winner. Its slick design includes three compartments in eco friendly stainless steel making it perfect for morning tea and lunch, to ensure that little brains are kept well fueled.

With more than 125 million products available on, parents and carers can access essentials such as pencils, notebooks, tissues, hand sanitizer and more, all with the convenience of having the product delivered to them. Head to to shop all your back to school needs.

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