Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone is in need of more treats than tricks this year. With much of the Halloween festivities now happening around the house, we’ve enlisted the help of three amazing DIY expert mUms to provide some ghoulishly good inspiration for at-home, low-cost family fun with Boxtumes. So, grab a few of those leftover Prime Day delivery boxes, some craft supplies and put your thinking witch cap on while you check out the inspiration below!

Create the world’s greatest Halloween CAR-nival

Instead of trick-or-treating this year, why not create a trunk-or-treat celebration for the whole family in your very own driveway? Surprise your kids by transforming your car into a lively CAR-nival complete with festive signs and a pumpkin ball toss.

Turn your living room into a ghost-catching extravaganza

Ghosts won’t stand a chance in this adorable ghost-catching Box-Room! Use your Prime boxes to create a ghost catching backpack for an imaginative day of play for your little ones. Those with an Amazon Device can add even more ghostly ambience by simply saying, “Alexa, start Halloween Ambience” for an hour of spooky background music.

Throw a family zombie wedding that’s accessible for all

Since you’re Halloween-ing around the house this year, why not go for a coordinated family Boxtume? Get into the spooky spirit with this zombie wedding theme. This zombie bride also gives instructions to easily create a wheelchair-friendly coffin Boxtume for any kind of spooky ghoul on wheels.

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