With many Australians’ looking forward to catching up on lost time with their loved ones these holidays, there is something extra special about this year’s Christmas celebrations. And with the big day quickly approaching, gift shopping is at the top of most of our ‘to do’ lists.

This time of year is traditionally the period when we go all out to show our loved ones just how much we care. And with a little expert know-how, you can have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas.

Just ask stylist, sustainability enthusiast, and founder of creative agency, The Life Style Edit, Heidi Albertiri.

“People who know me well, know that I love two things,” she says. “The first is supporting small to medium businesses, and the second is Christmas! And the best part about the festive season for me is being able to combine these two passions.”

While some turn to these businesses for the unique products they offer, for a large number, it’s an environmental decision. In a time when more people than ever before are worried about the health of the planet, it’s no surprise that, according to one study, an estimated 85 percent of us want to make a conscious effort to buy from eco-friendly brands in the future.

How to Holiday with The Life Style Edit

And it turns out shopping green is far easier than you might think. From decorating your place to wrapping your gifts; read on for Heidi’s quick tips for a more sustainable festive season.

    If sustainability and mindfulness are on your holiday gifting hit-list, then shopping local is one of the ways to do it.

    Choosing products from small Australian businesses means that many of the products are homemade or manufactured on Aussie shores, which means they’ll travel less miles to get to your front door.

    Heidi says, “There are plenty of small to medium businesses running online stores or selling their products through online retailers such as Amazon Australia, which means it’s easier than ever before to get your hands on beautiful gifts that just keep on giving.”

    As soon as the silly season hits, one-time wrapping seems to increase beyond measure. Not only can these materials be bad news because of the toxic chemicals they contain, but they can also take hundreds of years to breakdown.

    A staggering 150,000-kilometres of wrapping paper is estimated to be used by Australians over the Christmas period which is enough to wrap the entire globe in paper almost four times over!

    Whether you’re wrapping presents for your workplace Kris Kringle, or for your number one at home, consider looking for a more sustainable option such as beeswax food wraps.

    “I love presents that have multiple uses, so this year I’m going to wrap some of my gifts in beautiful beeswax food wraps,” Heidi shares.

    “After the presents have been unwrapped, the wraps can be used to pack lunches, store food in the fridge, or for future present wrapping.”

    The bright designs of the Zenify Earth Beeswax Food Wraps are a great choice, particularly as these products are sold by Australian business, Zenify a business with one core mission: to support sustainability and humanitarian causes close to the hearts of countless Australians through the products they purchase. Alternatively, consider wrapping gifts in a paper-based wrapping paper, such as the Kraft Paper Roll. If you want to get your kids involved with the fun, they can even do their own Christmas designs on this brown paper – which gives the present an extra heartfelt touch.

    There are also plenty of alternatives to tape that are just as simple and affordable, while also being kinder to the planet. “For a tape alternative, finish off your presents with some kitchen twine,” Heidi advises. “I find this works really well for most wrapping.

    “All you need to do is wrap your present as you usually would, and then create a scrunch at each end, before you tie the twine around it to secure everything.”

    To give your twine an extra festive feel, this twine comes in a candy cane red and white colouring.

    If you want to take your gift wrapping to another level, you may also consider ditching the wrapping all together and going with a reusable bag instead. The Zenify Earth Reusable Produce Mesh Bag is a great ready-to-go option.

    Finally, no festive season is complete without a Christmas wreath on the front door. But rather than reaching for a store-bought, plastic option – which also can’t be recycled – Heidi suggests finding inspiration in your own garden.

    “Christmas isn’t Christmas until I have a wreath on the front of my house,” Heidi enthuses. “I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful pine tree in my backyard, so I head outside to chop off some stems and then tie them together into a round circle.”

    All you need is a good pair of pruning clippers, such as the Felco Pruning Shears and twine to tie it all together.

    To give your wreath an extra festive feel, you can weave in some Christmas decorations. With cute golden bells and simple multicoloured string, the addition of the Rastogi Handicrafts Brass Decorative String is a great option.

Being sustainable at Christmas doesn’t have to mean losing old traditions. In fact, it can often lead to creating new, more meaningful ones. From reusable wrapping paper, to DIY decorations, it has never been easier to get wrapped up in a more mindful holiday season.

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