It’s the season of giving! After all the ups and downs of 2020, there’s even more reason to get together – virtually and in person!

While the festive season is full of reasons to be joyful, it can also be a tad stressful. So this year, Amazon Australia has assembled six small business owners to form The Festive Collective to make your holidays that little bit easier. From how to pick the best holiday fashion to new ways to fancy up your festive drinks, The Festive Collective has you sorted!

Rosa-Clare Willis, co-founder of Crockd, joins The Festive Collective to tell us all about how creativity can help to calm the stresses of the season.

Crockd is on a mission to craft the conversation. By sharing the gift of pottery through their DIY kits, Rosa and her co-founder Andrew Ford are encouraging millennials to put down their phones and get their hands dirty.

“We wanted to give people something real and tangible to connect with. It’s not about the output so much as it is the input.” Rosa says of the inspiration behind the DIY kits. “When people think of pottery they think it needs to be perfect, or done under the eyes of a ceramicist. We’re more about just having fun and digging into some clay – if we get something functional out of it at the end it’s more like a bonus.”

It seems right that Crockd is part of The Festive Collective. “Some friends and I were just mucking around in some clay at Christmas, but we were having fun and we weren’t on our phones – it was great!”

Dirty hands, clear minds is the Crockd philosophy, and within your DIY pottery kit you’ll find the ‘Clay Breakers’ – conversation starters that encourage real conversations with friends and family. Connecting over this festive season is harder than ever before, so why not try sending your mates interstate a kit and getting crafty together over Zoom?

It might not have been the first thing on your list this year, but the Crockd DIY Pottery Kit is one that you’ll love digging in to!

Tips from Crockd for a stress-free festive season:

  • Activities can break up the day – Instead of having a sit down lunch or dinner that lasts hours and inevitably ends with someone leaving the table, break up the day with some activities. It can help to break up some of the intense feelings that the day brings about.
  • Make time for creativity – Just like we make time to exercise, we can also make time for art and creativity. And you don’t need to be good at it to have fun!