Amazon will introduce its Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program in Australia this year, giving aspiring entrepreneurs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane access to tools, resources, and Amazon’s experience in logistics to enable them to launch and build successful delivery companies.

The DSP program empowers hands-on entrepreneurs with little-to-no logistics experience looking to hire and develop a team of employees and drivers, create a safe work environment and build a thriving delivery business with low start-up costs. Delivery Service Partners in Australia will operate a fleet of 20 to 40 delivery vehicles and provide permanent employment opportunities for dozens of delivery drivers in their local area.

The beginnings of the DSP program

The DSP program launched in the U.S. in 2018 to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs and enable them to build and scale their own business with Amazon. This philosophy is inspired by our retail business, which has been partnering with small and medium-size companies for decades. Because small businesses know their communities best, we believed it was important that they build teams and a driver network from within their communities.

Amazon's Delivery Service Partner program launches in Australia
European vehicle models shown. May not be representative of the delivery vehicles available in Australia.

Since its start, we’ve invested more than USD$8 billion (AUD$12.3 billion) in the program worldwide, including state-of-the-art technology, safety features, programs, and services for Amazon DSPs and their drivers, as well as the rates we pay DSPs. There are now more than 3,500 DSPs, employing 275,000 drivers in 19 countries globally, delivering more than 20 million packages a day.

How it works

DSPs hire and manage their own delivery drivers and employees, maintain their fleet, operate the day to day of their logistics business, while we provide them with access to a range of resources including training, technology, and services, including vehicle leases and insurance.

Amazon's Delivery Service Partner program launches in Australia
European vehicle models shown. May not be representative of the delivery vehicles available in Australia.

Safety is always our top priority, and we work hard to support DSPs and their drivers to be safe on the road. Delivery routes are designed to be safe and achievable and also take into consideration package sizes, delivery windows, weather, and the complexities inherent in different addresses and neighbourhoods.

We adjust routes based on weather, and provide both winter and heat supplies for DSPs and their drivers. The co-branded vehicles are equipped with safety technology and air-conditioning.

These are just a few examples of how we help keep drivers safe, and we’re always looking for new technology, process improvements, and better training to continue to improve the safety of drivers, customers, and the community around us.

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Our focus continues to be on helping small business owners build successful companies and great teams, and we’re excited to see the progress they’re making in communities across Australia and around the world. We look forward to partnering with DSPs in the months and years to come, to ensure they and their drivers feel safe, prepared, and supported every day.

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