Having been inspired by the store his parents operated when he was a child, Boutique Retailer’s founder and CEO Val Brusylovsky started selling menswear online over a decade ago.

Val started selling on Amazon Australia and now Boutique Retailer has found the freedom to move beyond the constraints of menswear and dabble in a range of categories. This has resulted in 50 per cent of Boutique Retailer’s products consisting of clothing, shoes, and accessories, while the rest of the range covers an array of categories from over 300 suppliers.

Because of this broad cross section of products, the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program, which enables sellers to send their products to an Amazon fulfilment centre and let Amazon take care of the rest, has had a hugely positive impact on Val's business.

While Boutique Retailer maintains its own warehouse with the majority of orders still packed and shipped by its own staff, Val claims that taking the top five to ten per cent of Boutique Retailer’s products and having them completed through FBA has helped keep orders through Boutique Retailer’s own warehouse at a manageable level.

Val’s advice for those looking to try selling on Amazon is to not be intimidated by the task. Amazon can help, so simply find your competitive advantage and start.

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