From work Kris Kringle to Santa stockings for your little ones, finding the perfect gift is a festive season challenge that’s as old as time. New tech gadgets, designer fashion, toys, the latest video games, sporting equipment — the list of possibilities is endless. However, if you’re looking for something unique, special, and from the heart, there’s no better place to look then in your own backyard. Amazon Australia is putting a spotlight on small businesses this holiday season, by tasking the most creative influencers across Australia and New Zealand to pay tribute to homegrown brands.

Aussie creators uplifting Aussie and Kiwi businesses

Be it through a one-of-a-kind sculpture, an artwork, or creative painting, these creators utilised their creative skills to hero some of their favourite homegrown products found on and the brands behind them.

Sydney-based artist, Georgia Draws a House, was one of the first to jump onboard, teaming up with Kiwi natural beeswax art supplies company, Honeysticks to create a colouring book catalogue that showcases the Honeysticks products being used to colour in the pages.

While cross stitcher, Bree Hayward, championed Mermade Hair — an Aussie range of hair tools and accessories — with a cross-stitched homage to the brand. For Bree, it was the brief of her dreams.

“Having spent more than 15 years in the beauty industry, I was immediately drawn to Mermade Hair, but who wouldn’t be!” she enthuses.

“With my cross-stitching, I wanted to create something soft and feminine, just like the soft waves their products give to your hair. And I had so much fun bringing this mermaid vision to life!”

Mermade Hair

The next influencer to get behind a homegrown SMB was felt designer, Sarah, better known as @mega.felt on Instagram.

As one of Australia’s most established felt figurine builders, she’s created a felt replica of one of Yes, You Can's range of premium non-alcoholic beverages. The artist says it might just be one of her favourite projects to date.

“The bold colours of the Yes You Can alcohol-free drinks was a big inspiration for me, and I felt a natural synergy between the brand, and the boldness of felt that I usually use,” she says.

“I love shopping with Aussie small businesses, as I am one myself, and I often seek them out for felt and supplies.

“Plus, my favourite cocktail is a dark and stormy — which was the can I designed — so it was a perfect fit!”

Yes You Can - Mega Felt

A gift from the heart

While it’s a fun and creative brief for these creators, it’s also campaign that will help increase visibility to these Aussie businesses during one of the busiest times of the retail calendar.

Co-founder of Yes You Can, Tyler Martin, says the business was thrilled to have products supported by a local creator.

“We are big believers in creators!” says Tyler, “Our brand was built to work in the creator economy with its fun aesthetics and irreverent tone of voice, so we were excited to get involved.

“Small businesses have been the backbone of Australian economies for generations. For us, as a local family-run Sydney business, we have been overwhelmed with the support and this opportunity”.

For Victoria Skik, the brains behind Honeysticks, it’s exciting to see the ‘shop local’ message being shared with Aussie consumers.

Mega Felt A
Photo by Mega Felt

A very Aussie Christmas

This season, the best gifts are the ones given from the heart, and there’s no better way to do so than with a special something made on home soil.

With the festive season right around the corner, Amazon Australia is encouraging Aussie shoppers to connect with new and exciting local brands.

“The beauty of shopping local is that you the chance to find something that’s really unique,” finishes Tyler.

“Plus, it’s a two-way present — you’re gifting a loved one with something super-special, and you’re supporting the local business economy. It’s a win-win!”

Amazon Australia makes it simple to connect with the amazing offerings of small businesses. This holiday season (or every day for that matter), here’s what you can do to shop small businesses: