Doing good business involves some universal principles – good customer service, fast and reliable delivery and a great product. To give sellers the best opportunity to develop these principles in their businesses, Amazon Australia has launched an exciting new delivery service, Amazon Easy Ship.

Negotiating shipping rates, managing order tracking with multiple carriers, and scaling up operations mean small business owners often face more complexity in the delivery of their products than they would like.

Enter Amazon Easy Ship – Amazon’s door-to-door shipping service now available for eligible Australian sellers.

With a few clicks, sellers can have products picked up directly from their own premises and delivered quickly to customers’ doors through Amazon’s participating carriers. Sellers are able to adopt the service for their existing Amazon Seller account and manage orders through Seller Central, helping them provide fast and reliable delivery to their customers across Australia easily.

For small business owners Chris Newsome and Frank Simpson, Amazon Easy Ship has helped them harness Amazon’s expertise in delivery and allowed them to focus on building and growing their businesses.

Helps save time and money so business owners can spend time doing what they love

Continuing to provide great customer service in a growing business doesn’t have to mean spending more time on administrative tasks. Confidence in your delivery service frees up time to do the things you’re most passionate about – developing and selling a quality product.

Chris Newsome, owner of the Coffee Machine Specialist in Sydney, has built a successful small business which has seen revenue almost double in 2022. When the pandemic first hit it was a different story.

Chris was initially nervous about the shut-down of cafes and the loss of a significant revenue stream, but he then saw an opportunity to diversify into the domestic segment. He realised individuals were just as keen to make their morning coffee at home and from there, home coffee machine sales took off.

But Chris didn’t rely solely on his customers love of a cuppa in the morning.

“I think in the modern world, businesses grow by being ethical and having a good degree of customer service. That’s what we try to do. We pride ourselves in providing clear, communication. Nowadays building and maintaining that reputation is what’s important to build and create a stable customer base,” he said.

After wholesale success, the development of the Coffee Machine Specialist’s retail offering occurred largely online, through

Now that I’ve got this online channel through Amazon, I can add other products. I’ve got the infrastructure set up, so I can easily add other products to my offering to increase turnover.
Chris Newsome
Amazon Easy Ship for Amazon Sellers in Australia

Using Amazon Australia’s new shipping service, Amazon Easy Ship, has helped Chris streamline his deliveries to customers. It’s allowed him to print labels easily, access competitive shipping rates, and enabled him to have orders dispatched directly from his own premises.

A fast and reliable service to provide business owners with certainty

Amit Mahto, Amazon Australia’s Head of Marketplace, said that Amazon Easy Ship can help take some of the pressure off sellers who are growing their business.

“We recognise that many of our sellers use an omnichannel model, combining online stores with their bricks and mortar shopfronts, and some run their small businesses out of their family home,” said Amit.

“At a time of global uncertainty, we have responded to the needs of diverse small businesses with a secure delivery option. Amazon Easy Ship gives small business owners the flexibility and confidence to choose reliable delivery that optimises their operations.”

Amazon Easy Ship gives access to competitive rates and includes up-to-date tracking information, so sellers can be certain of their shipping costs and know where their deliveries are as they make their ways to customers doorsteps.

It also helps sellers provide clear communication to customers which, in turn, can help build trusted relationships and loyalty.

The co-founder of Tasteful Delights, Frank Simpson, was no stranger to pivoting his business. In 2014, then the owner of a bricks and mortar video store, Frank turned to his wife and said, “we had better find something else, quick smart!”

That same year, Frank and his wife had started a new business. By 2020, the solely digital store had grown into a fully stocked online supermarket, with many of his products available on, and was well-positioned to provide a valuable grocery service to people around the world and in Australia as lockdowns struck.

“Things went crazy for us,” Frank said, “the amount of business quadrupled overnight.”

While the opportunities were obvious, he was faced with disrupted supply chains and economic uncertainty.

Frank brought friends and family on board to manage the huge increase in orders. Using Amazon’s Easy Ship service during its pilot phase this year has meant that he no longer needs to spend time configuring shipping time manually or negotiating rates with multiple carriers.

Frank says he “didn’t have any hassles implementing it,” and in particular, “the national shipping price per weight band has been fantastic.”

Providing greater confidence to Australian small businesses is part of Amazon’s service to its sellers. Since 2019, Amazon Australia has launched more than 100 tools and features for small and medium business in Australia. Amazon Easy Ship is another way for sellers to take control of their business development with the confidence of Amazon’s trusted delivery network.

Learn more about selling with Amazon. Existing sellers can find out more about Amazon Easy Ship by heading to Amazon Easy Ship.

Amazon Easy Ship is not currently available in all postcodes and only supports eligible products.