When Chris Tan discovered Amazon Flex, he wasn’t new to delivery jobs or side hustles, having done food deliveries for several years. But once he experienced the benefits of the program, he decided to focus his efforts on being an Amazon Flex delivery partner, and gave up his other gigs. He even got his wife, Joan, to sign up.

Popular social media finance guru Queenie Tan spent the day with an Amazon Flex delivery partner to discover why it’s such a great way to boost your income.

Different reasons for joining Amazon Flex

For Chris, the opportunity Amazon Flex offers to boost the family income is a key attraction. Meanwhile, Joan likes the flexibility of being able to choose when to work, so she can manage school drop-offs and pick-ups for their two young children.

“I average two or three blocks a week, while Joan does five or six blocks on average,” reveals Chris, 33, who juggles his deliveries with a full-time job at another company where he manages warehousing, purchasing and inventory.

Amazon Flex Australia Careers

Joan, 31, works with Chris at his regular job on a casual basis in the mornings, before delivering parcels for Amazon Flex in the afternoons, making sure she finishes in time to pick up their two children from primary school.

The flexibility that comes with being a delivery partner suits her lifestyle. “For me, it’s the ability to continue earning out of my regular hours,” she shared.

Their top tip to cut costs as Amazon Flex drivers

When Chris and Joan decided to focus on delivering for Amazon Flex, they both upgraded their vehicles to hybrids because of the rising cost of fuel, as well as to reduce emissions for the benefit of the environment. It’s a choice they’ve never regretted.

Working for Amazon Flex delivers everything single Sydney dad Wei Zheng needs to be a hands-on parent.

“We chose these cars as they help save us extra given the fuel price increase. It just comes down to trying to get ahead of everything,” said Chris.

“Driving for Amazon Flex definitely helped us save for our first home deposit, and it’s helping combat the rising cost of living.”

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