When veteran chef Angie James decided she wanted to transform her life and get a university degree, she went searching for a way to earn enough money to pay her bills, cover her university fees, and still allow her enough time to study for a new career.

What she found was that “it’s not easy to find a job with flexibility”. That is, until she came across Amazon Flex.

Neil Hughes came out of retirement when he realised he could enjoy life more and afford extra holidays driving for Amazon Flex.

“I started as an Amazon delivery partner in February, and I think it’s a good way to make money. I like being out and about.”

James, 48, has worked as a chef in some of the best fine-dining restaurants in Australia and overseas, and as a film-set caterer, but felt last year that it was time to hang up her tools. She enrolled in a three-year university course to qualify as a nutritionist. 

Time spent planning is time saved on deliveries

Even though she’s only been working as an Amazon Flex delivery partner for six months, James has picked up some great hacks on how to make the experience work for her, and reduce the time she needs for deliveries.

Amazon Flex Delivery Partner

Her best tip? Taking the time to plan out exactly where the app will take her when she arrives at her first delivery location.

“I really look at where I’m delivering, so I can work out if I can park somewhere and do three or four drops at once as opposed to moving my car constantly, which can be tricky if parking is tight. I then feel organised because I know exactly where I’m going.”

No need to rush from one delivery to another

James says it’s worth monitoring when and where to get the cheapest petrol given the current cost-of-living crisis. She also uses an app called Driversnote to auto-track the kilometres she’s driven.

“It clocks all your kilometres and I figured that will come in handy when I do my tax,” explains James, who works up to six four-hour blocks each week amid studying to realise her dream of becoming a nutritionist.

Former HR executive Steve has found a new lease on life since taking to the road with Amazon Australia.

“I’d definitely recommend signing up to be a delivery partner. The Amazon Flex app gives you plenty of time to get to complete a delivery route, so you don’t need to rush.”

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