The second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty launches on Prime Video with three episodes on Friday, 14 July, with new episodes following weekly until the season finale on Friday, 18 August. It’s based on the No. 1 New York Times bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty book series by Jenny Han, who is also executive producer and showrunner of the series. The Summer I Turned Pretty Season One is available on Prime Video.

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As we head into Season Two, Isabel "Belly" Conklin is facing a complicated situation with brothers Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher, who are fighting for her heart. Additionally, their mother, Susannah, who is best friends with Belly’s mom, Laurel, is dealing with the recurrence of cancer. When an unexpected visitor threatens the future of Susannah's beloved house at Cousins Beach, Belly has to rally the gang to come together—and to decide once and for all where her heart lies.

Season Two of the hit series will be available to stream on Prime Video this summer.

We caught up with returning cast members David Iacono as Belly’s friend Cam, Rachel Blanchard as Susannah, Jackie Chung as Laurel, and Elsie Fisher as Skye, a new addition for Season Two.

What is happening at the start of Season Two?

Iacono: Belly's in a bit of a rut after the whole year. She's still back and forth with Conrad and Jeremiah.

Blanchard: I am [Susannah] undergoing my experimental [cancer] therapies, fighting for my life.

Chung: And Laurel is supporting her in that fight and trying to be there for her. The kids are figuring out their lives as well, school and relationships.

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Iacono as Belly's best friend Cam
Susannah from "The Summer I Turned Pretty" stands on her porch in a white sundress with colorful patterns looking at something off camera.
Blanchard as Susannah
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Chung and Blanchard as Laurel and Susannah

Cam was Belly's boyfriend for a moment last season. What's happening with him?

Iacono: He's the only person in the show that's from Cousins [Beach], which is interesting. When everybody returns to Cousins, unexpectedly, he gets wrapped up in their whole situation, which is very complicated. He meets Skye as a result of that, and their relationship is something that is very fun to explore and watch unfold.

What can you tell us about the new character Skye?

Fisher: Skye is sort of the newbie to come and hang out at Cousins Beach who’s had a couple of personal issues to deal with. It's just so exciting to be this character who is from a different world really—being dropped into the midst of this very self-contained entity, causing chaos.

Two people stand next to each other in a backyard. One of them is talking animately to someone off camera.
Fisher as Skye

Is Skye a character in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ book series?

Fisher: Skye is completely brand new. I hope fans of the books appreciate them. I had a lot of fun building a whole new person.

Can you tell us anything about Kyra Sedgwick's new character?

Blanchard: She plays Susannah's half-sister. She comes in the beginning as a bit of an antagonist, trying to stir things up, and then softens as the season goes on when she finds that there is room for her at Cousins Beach—and in the family.

Much of the story centers on the teens, but also the mums. This is a love story, but it's also a friendship story about characters Susannah and Laurel.

Blanchard: They've been friends since college. They're sort of an odd couple pairing who really complement each other. And they kind of live out of each other's pockets, so it's hard to tell where one person begins and the other one ends, which I think makes Susanna's illness…

Chung: More devastating? I feel like they are the longest relationship for each other in their lives, and most supportive. So the bond is very strong.

An image of Susannah and Laurel hugging in front of the beach home at Cousin's Beach. Susannah is smiling big while hugging Laurel.

What about your character resonates with you?

Iacono: Cam is somebody a lot of people will be able to relate to just in terms of he can be kind of anxious, [but] he pulls it off well. He's very confident in his insecurities.

Chung: I love that Laurel is steadfast and dependable and people rely on her. She's very capable but also funny.

What is your perfect day at Cousins Beach?

Blanchard: I can't just hang out on a beach. I want to be doing stuff in it, playing in the water, actually swimming.

Chung: I'm the same. I would sit on the beach, but then I'd have to get in the water, and have some ice cream, something cold… [and] build a little sandcastle!

What is the last thing you ordered from Amazon?

Fisher: I ordered a pack of plain white shirts.

Iacono: I ordered a blanket. I had a heavy comforter and needed something lighter for summertime.

Blanchard: A bodysuit [to go under] a dress I’m wearing.

Chung: It may have been doggy bags—you need them!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season Two premieres on Prime Video on 14 July. Here’s everything you need to know to watch it on Prime Video.