During this recent Prime Day event, Australian selling partners, many of whom are small to medium businesses, experienced their biggest two days ever. Standout brands included UGG 1978, Bondi Boost, and household cleaning brand, Koh.

In the heart of sunny Bondi, Koh has been making waves, gaining recognition for performance-driven products that provide customers with a better clean.

Adam Lindsay, the co-founder of Koh shared, “Our range, which includes eco-certified products, is performance-driven which means we help our customers get a better clean for their home and our planet.”

“We’ve found Amazon Australia to be incredibly supportive of our business.”

Prime Day provided a new opportunity for Koh to reach new customers, and achieved what would typically be a months’ worth of revenue in just two days.

Koh believes that one of the key factors contributing to success on Amazon.com.au is the support provided to sellers.

Adam said, “Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) helps us to send out our product quickly to customers, at Koh we’re all about making cleaning fast and simple so our customers can spend more time doing the things they love. So making sure they receive their products quickly and conveniently really resonates with our customer-first mentality.”

Koh is already looking ahead, with Adam announcing “Amazon Prime Day has been a huge success for us. It’s great to see how we have been able to scale on a new channel. We’re looking forward to Black Friday.”

One initiative that ensures Australian businesses are put front and centre on amazon.com.au is the Small Business Brands store, which is curated to showcase and hero hundreds of products from Australian-based small business brands offered by Amazon and its selling partners. More than 14,000 Australian businesses sell in Amazon stores, many of which are small and medium businesses.

Koh’s Surface Starter Kit, Universal Cleaner and Diamond Sponges are all available to shop on Amazon.com.au.

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