Colouring happiness

Working hard to help brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children across the country, Starlight Children’s Foundation has worked with Amazon Australia for the last few years to put together a team of pint-sized superheroes — known as the Amazon Playmakers — to become the official toy testers for the holidays.

And this year, as well as solving the mystery of what to buy your kids for Christmas with their reviews of Amazon Australia’s Top 100 Holiday Toy List, the ten Playmakers were asked to dream big, and to think up their ultimate toy concepts for a brand new project.

Over a catch-up with renowned artist and illustrator, Mitch Revs, the big thinking youngsters shared their favourite colours, foods, memories, hobbies, and interests, which was then bought to life through the Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring Book.

“Amazon Australia approached me with this initiative and I was so excited to be a part of it,” says Mitch. “The concept about the artworks evolved through conversations with the kids and I was fortunate enough to be able to create these designs based on their wild imaginations.”

“It’s clear that this is much more than a colouring in book – it’s a story about the emotions these children are experiencing as they go through really difficult times.”

Book cover

The gift of creativity 

The Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring book has arrived in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For every Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring book that is purchased during this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, Amazon Australia will donate $1* to Starlight Children's Foundation in addition to $40,000 worth of toys, games and gift cards. These funds will go a long way towards helping Starlight continue to build upon the good work they’ve established over the past three decades, including wish granting and in-hospital initiatives.

“Everyone loves a feel good story, and everyone loves to give where they can,” continues Mitch. “The Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring book is a unique opportunity to be able to do both at once.”

According to Starlight’s NSW Partnership Executive, Elle Dawe, Amazon Australia has gone way beyond just making a donation.

“They’ve created an intiative designed to get our kids involved, to give them respite from their illnesses, to put them in the spotlight, and to help make them feel important — that’s what makes this extra special.”

From a depiction of a fantastical flying unicorn, or an elephant in a treehouse, the Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring Book has given life the dreams and imaginations of these young Playmakers.

“These kids are the real superheroes this Christmas and I can’t wait for Aussies to have the chance to experience the Playmaker magic this festive season,” says Mitch.

“It’s more than a colouring book. It’s a story — a story about the emotions, experiences, and the personalities of these kids. They’re inspiring — they’re my heroes.

“And for parents looking for a gift with real heart, this is it. After all, generosity, and supporting anyone doing it tough — that’s what the holidays are really all about.”


The Amazon Playmakers Holiday Colouring Book is available across Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shop now to spread the festive cheer with those who need it most this year.