With the changing of the seasons, many Australians will be looking to revamp their outdoor spaces, getting them tip top before the end of the year. So, to get our customers inspired, Amazon Australia has teamed up with ARIA-charting DJ Tigerlily to create a soundtrack inspired by the iconic Aussie backyard. Along with the soundtrack Amazon Australia has teamed up with winners of The Block 2021 Garden Challenge, Jesse and Kirsty to launch ‘how to’ guides using some of the hundreds of thousands of garden and outdoor products available on Amazon.com.au

With the typical Australian backyard shrinking, according to new research commissioned by Amazon, the soundscape and guides are designed to inspire every Australian to make the most of whatever outdoor space they have, whether it’s a compact courtyard or sprawling backyard.

DJ Tigerlily captured the nostalgic sounds by recording a selection of the hundreds of thousands of products from Amazon Australia’s Garden and Outdoor range from lawnmowers to sprinklers, alongside some of the sounds of nature, resulting in an eclectic and experimental soundscape designed to invoke nostalgia, inspire Aussies to spruce up their gardens and to bring the sounds of the bigger backyard to those with shrinking outdoor spaces.

Tigerlily & Amazon Australia – The Great Australian Backyard

DJ Tigerlily said, “I was very fortunate to grow up with a classic backyard with a big lawn surrounded by nature. This will always be my happy place and has definitely influenced the music and art I produce today which is why I was immediately drawn to Amazon Australia’s challenge to bring the nostalgia and joy of the great Australian backyard to everyone and to get us inspired for gardening season.”

The soundscape is released as new research from Amazon Australia shows the Australian backyard has shrunk with 3 in 5 Aussies (71%) saying their outdoor space is smaller now when compared to their backyard growing up. Over one in four of the same respondents (27%) say their land size has reduced by more than three quarters. Despite that, 3 in 5 (66%) plan to spend between $250 and $1000 on improvements to their backyards this spring.

More than half (57%) of Aussies said they will be investing in a new veggie garden, followed by new outdoor furniture (33%), birdfeeders to attract nature (21%), new lawnmowers or power tools (17%), new compost and waste systems (18%) and new technology i.e., smart speakers, lighting and security cameras (9%), with just 13% saying they will invest in a new shed.

The Block Stars’ Backyard DIY Guides

To inspire customers to get stuck into their backyard this spring, no matter the size of the space, Amazon Australia has partnered with The Block 2021 Garden Challenge winners Jesse Anderson and Kirsty Lee Akers to create spring DIY inspiration guides:

● How to turn a garden into a fun play space for children

● How to build a veggie patch (even on a balcony!)

● How to turn your backyard area into a multi-purpose space

● How to revamp a balcony and smaller outdoor space

The Block 2021 Garden Challenge winners Jesse Anderson and Kirsty Akers said, “We know first-hand how much love and time Aussies pour into their backyards and outdoor spaces – they’re a real place of pride and an extension of the home. The sky really is the limit these days, with so many ways to put even the smallest spaces to use. We hope Amazon’s backyard soundtrack and our DIY guides will inspire Aussies to continue to enjoy and make more heartfelt memories when in their backyards, no matter the size.”

To stream and listen to the soundscape, watch a ‘behind the scenes video’ and find Jesse & Kirsty’s DIY ‘how to’ guides at amazon.com.au/Aussiebackyard.