As a mum to two young children, Auckland-based Zing Toys distributor Emma Macdonald really gets that kids have energy to burn. Add to that a global pandemic that keeps kids and their parents in lockdown? Let’s just say Emma understands the importance of play…and well-made toys.

“I knew I was onto a winner,” she says. “We really saw firsthand the gap in the market for top quality, active toys! Plus, I had my very own market researchers in my living room!”

Zing Toys, founded by Peter Cummings in 2006, are an internationally recognised creator of innovative, high-performing, premium toys that help stimulate the imagination and physical coordination of kids of all ages.

“We have been selling successfully in New Zealand for years,” explains Emma. “Directly shipping to loyal customers across the country from our dispatchers in Auckland.

“Seeing how well Zing toys were selling via other distributors on, we started discussing joining Amazon Australia last year.”

While Fulfillment By Amazon - a service provided by Amazon to manage the end to end process of shipping from purchase through to customer returns - was a key reason the small team of six wanted to start selling on, there were more positives that came.

“Amazon is such a respected marketplace,” says Emma. “They have an amazing delivery turnaround that always meets customer expectations. We pride ourselves on that as a company ourselves, and we knew we could trust Amazon Australia in a country where we didn’t have the relationships.”

The second-to-none advertising and marketing offered by Amazon Australia, which elevates even the smallest businesses, means Emma and her team can save their creative energy and focus on delivering world-class toys.

Despite only launching on in October, Emma was thrilled with how sales went for Zing Toys over Christmas.

“2020 was such a difficult year,” reflects Emma. “It was especially hard for children; the uncertainty, the homeschooling, being away from their friends, as well as stressed parents who don’t want their kids on screens 24/7.

“The toys we provide – for indoor and outdoor play – allow kids to be active creatively and physically, and to really unwind. Being able to ease the burden of frazzled parents, especially recently, has been especially essential.”

As for future plans, Emma is particularly excited to keep developing and adding to the Zing Toys sustainable range, which is exclusive to Amazon Australia. And, with 100 percent recyclable packaging, both she and her team are understandably proud of their offering. Beyond this, there’s one perennial on her radar: playtime.

“Playtime is the best part of running a business like this — I get to test our toy range with my kids and call it work…we never stop playing! It doesn’t get better than that!”

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