It’s the season of giving!

While the festive season is full of reasons to be joyful, it can also be a tad stressful. So this year, Amazon Australia has assembled six small business owners to form The Festive Collective to help make your holidays that little bit easier. From how to pick the best holiday fashion, to new ways to fancy up your festive drinks, The Festive Collective has you sorted!

First up from The Festive Collective is Zenfiy Pets founder, Andonis Sakatis, with his tips to keep your fur babies happy and entertained this holiday season.

Zenify Pets create products that help your four-legged friends daily, from meal time, grooming and entertainment. Their products include leads, puppy toy gift boxes, slow feeders, portable water bottles, grooming gloves and beds. Zenfiy Pets engages with their passionate community and listens for fresh ideas of products to ensure their range is what their customers really need and want.

Beyond making great gifts for your beloved pets, Zenify also proudly gives back. The company donates products to causes and charity partners that are close to the hearts of their customers. Buying from Zenify this year is a good deed for all four-legged friends.

Adonis said: “We’ve chosen this direction of our business because we want to make this world a better place and we want to achieve it by supporting the causes that are important to our customers and community. We want to inspire others to do the same so that collectively we can all make a bigger difference.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on both pets and their human parents. Our products help build and strengthen those relationships, creating more special moments together.

Being part of the Festive Collective, my tips are about ensuring your pets have a happy, safe and relaxed holiday. It’s been a hectic year for humans and pets alike!”

Tips from Zenify for a purrrrfect Christmas for your four-legged friends:

  • Keep your pets relaxed - Pets pick up on energy - and that’s definitely still true during the festive season! They can feel the excitement from the whole family. It’s important to find some time to keep your four legged friends relaxed - try taking them for a walk or let them play with their favourite toys early on in the day - it will help with any pent up energy they might have.
  • Give your pets a quiet place - In the lead up to festive season, try moving your pets bed to a quiet place in the house, with all their favourite toys. This will give your four legged friends a safe space and a way out, especially when all the madness is unfolding during your festivities.
  • Pet grooming - While you’re opening up all your presents, don’t forget a little pressie for your furry little friend! A bath or grooming session is the perfect gift and way to spend time together. There’s nothing better than stopping and taking some time to spend with your pets!

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