It took Lyre’s co-founders Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann years to perfect their range of non-alcoholic spirits, striving to ensure they would precisely and meticulously mimic the taste, bouquet, and mouthfeel of their alcoholic counterparts.

The idea came to the pair when they looked at consumer trends and saw an incredible shift in alcohol consumption, which was caused by both people moving away from the alcohol category and those who were reaching legal drinking age not coming into the category in the first place.

“We decided to build a brand that had all the wonder and taste and magic of the originals, but in a non-alcoholic format, so people can enjoy them, just as much as the originals,” Mark explains.

Launching a new brand can be a risky venture and finding your customer base isn’t always assured. According to Carl, anything that helps find those customers is extremely valuable: “Obviously when launching your own website, there's quite a lot of cost and time that goes into perfecting that asset. So, for a new brand like ours, it's just so much easier if you can take your products to where the customers already are.”

Taking their non-alcoholic spirits to where customers are is precisely why Mark and Carl signed up to our Amazon Australia Launchpad program, which gives Aussie startups access to our retail expertise and infrastructure so they can grow their businesses.

Designed to help Aussie startups and entrepreneurs bring innovative and unique products to local customers, Amazon Launchpad is the perfect platform for a unique offering like Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits.

As Carl explains, “For us as a new brand, the opportunity to work with Amazon Launchpad really solves one of our challenges and that is getting your brand in front of customers. It takes us to where the customers already are and gives us that day one ability to offer customers a great online experience.”

Amazon Launchpad Inspirations: Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Co

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