Established after a trip to Mexico left co-founder and CEO Drew Bilbe pondering the connection between the soft drinks market and obesity and diabetes, Nexba makes naturally sugar-free drinks that use no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavours, and are 100% vegan friendly.

According to Drew, “Nexba's the naturally brave brand delivering naturally sugar-free innovation to the world. And we really believe in having an impact on diabetes and obesity by taking those high-sugar or artificial calories out of the soft drink aisle.”

After Drew partnered with his best friend and fellow co-founder and CEO Troy Douglas, the pair spent six years perfecting their product; hard work that started to pay off as Nexba started appearing in traditional retailers.

However, with the introduction of our Amazon Launchpad program, the pair see an opportunity to scale up the business like never before.

As Troy explains, “Amazon Launchpad is now providing us with this new way to take what we're excited about, which is naturally sugar-free innovation in our kombuchas, direct to consumers’ homes.”

Drew agrees, saying, “It really opens us up to a huge number of incremental consumers that we didn't previously have access to.”

For Nexba, joining the Amazon Launchpad program is about reaching more Australians and ensuring customer service and fulfilment meets the high standard they set for themselves.

“Amazon Launchpad is going to really allow us to launch online in a much bigger way than we currently are,” says Drew. “We already have our own website, but we can't get the traffic. We can't get the fulfilment right in the way that Amazon allows us to do.”

Amazon Launchpad Inspirations: Nexba

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