Salt Gypsy’s founder Danielle Clayton brings an innovative new approach to surfwear for women, placing both style and sustainability at the core to her brand’s identity.

Developing products made from a 100 per cent regenerated nylon yarn called ECONYL, Danielle sees Salt Gypsy as a response to people’s growing awareness of the impact their choices have on the world around them.

“I think people are wanting to purchase from companies that offer more ethically and responsibly produced garments,” she says. “We're an example of that consumer demand because that's how we've survived for the last six years.”

Over that period, however, Danielle has had to pick and pack every single one of Salt Gypsy’s orders, which has taken a huge toll on her time. Fortunately, this could now be a thing of the past thanks to our Amazon Launchpad program, which gives Aussie entrepreneurs access to our retail expertise and infrastructure so they can grow their businesses. As a result, Danielle will be able to hand over some of Salt Gypsy’s fulfilment requirements, freeing her to devote more time to building her brand.

“I think Amazon Launchpad is going to be a really great partner for us in terms of helping us with our fulfilment services in order to scale some growth,” explains Danielle. “Just alleviating some of that pressure that can come from needing someone in-house, fulfilling orders as we grow, and also just the support that has been offered to us so far has been really amazing and we're really excited.”

In her mission to promote healthier oceans through sustainable surfwear, or “protect the playground” as she puts it, Danielle has developed a unique and compelling product that we’re proud to help boost through Amazon Launchpad.

As Danielle explains, “We're just a small business from Byron Bay in New South Wales and we're really excited that Amazon Launchpad can help us go to the next level and become a global business.”

Amazon Launchpad Inspirations: Salt Gypsy

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