Soda Shades is an online sunglass brand that offers fashion-forward designs made from high-quality materials, while maintaining affordability and accessibility for a younger market.

Established by four friends, Georgie Saggers, Luke Young, Josh Miller, and Steph Claire Smith, SODA Shades went through a huge development process before launching in February 2018 with a style and branding that perfectly captured the spirit of summer.

“You know when you pop open a can and you hear that sound and see the fizz, which is always a lighter colour than the drink?” asks Georgie Saggers. “I think that’s Soda to us. It's fun.”

This sense of fun lies at the core of what SODA Shades is all about and the team is determined to help their customers have as much of it as possible. Key to this is ensuring the customer experience is an enjoyable one, which is where our Amazon Launchpad program comes in.

As Luke Young explains, “I'm really excited about SODA teaming up with Amazon Launchpad, for the back of house reasons. Being able to understand how our customers shop, where our products are stored, and how we can make a better experience for them.”’

The team sees Amazon Launchpad as a learning opportunity that will help them to drive the brand forward.

“I'm so excited to team up with Amazon Launchpad, because I think that we're really young and we've got a lot to learn,” says Georgie Saggers.

Steph Claire Smith agrees, saying, “I personally love the idea behind Amazon Launchpad. I love that such a well-known brand like Amazon Launchpad is giving young Australians and a young Australian start up brand like ourselves, that opportunity to launch globally.”

Amazon Launchpad Inspirations: Soda Shades

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