Vitaman offers a range of 100% Australian-made natural skincare and haircare solutions for men. Established by experienced beauty therapist, international skincare lecturer, and former salon owner Clare Castles in 1999, Vitaman was the first men's grooming e-commerce brand in Australia.

Recruited by Clare to help grow the brand, Australian footballing hero Tim Cahill says Vitaman connected with his own personal philosophy of looking and feeling good: “I love looking good. I love to make sure before I go out on the pitch that my hair looks good, my body, my face, my skin. And if you feel good, you play good.”

Despite e-commerce being in Vitaman’s DNA, the opportunity to reach a wider customer base through our Amazon Launchpad program was too good to pass up.

“Amazon Launchpad is a great partner for us because we want to be part of the movement and we also want to be able to reach a wide audience,” says Tim. “It's a big part of the future and something we believe is important for us as a brand. When you talk about innovation and technology and digital, it's the way forward in our opinion and Amazon is one of the leaders in that world.”

However, more than just a platform to reach new customers, Tim values the way Amazon Launchpad mentors brands to help them get the most out of the Amazon experience.

“We're looking to Amazon Launchpad for guidance,” Tim explains. “I think one of the biggest questions I asked when we were at the boardroom table was understanding the behaviours of people buying products.”

For Tim, Amazon Launchpad provides an opportunity for Clare, himself, and other entrepreneurs to take their brands to the global stage: “I think Amazon Launchpad is a great platform for entrepreneurs. Especially Australian entrepreneurs that want to break onto the market domestically or internationally, which is exciting for us as well.”

“I definitely think young Australian entrepreneurs to get on board and try out Amazon Launchpad,” he says.

Amazon Launchpad Inspirations: Vitaman

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