Before selling products on Amazon Australia, Astivita was a B2B-focused company selling bathroom products and appliances.

However, after struggling when overseas suppliers started selling directly to consumers, Astivita signed up to sell through This enabled the brand to sell individual products rather than a range within a given category, which had previously been the expectation for those shopping from Astivita’s own website.

As Astivita’s CEO, Joseph Mizikovsky explains, “With Amazon, because there are other sellers there, you only need one product that is well priced and well presented, and consumers can then compare other products to yours.”

This freedom enabled Astivita to move into gaming monitors with the Astivita Gaming IPS LED Monitor, despite it being a category the brand had no experience in. We included the monitor in our 2018 Prime Day offering, which Joseph says caused the monitor’s sales to “explode”.

Astivita’s success illustrates just how effective selling through Amazon can be for brands looking to reach new customers or make a splash in a new category.

Amazon Seller Success Stories: AstiVita

To discover more about Astivita’s products, visit the Astivita store on Amazon Australia.