Amazon Seller Success Stories: Bendigo Gaming Tech

Before we launched our Retail and Marketplace offering, Bendigo Gaming Tech was a website-only business that struggled to attract customers. Owner Tyler Swann’s luck changed when he started selling on Amazon, which resulted in “incredible” traffic to his products.

Tyler leads a busy life as a father of five boys with a day job in local government, meaning he’s unable to devote a large amount of time to Bendigo Gaming Tech. This is where Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) comes in. FBA enables sellers to send their products to an Amazon fulfilment centre and let us take care of the rest. Working with the FBA team has enabled Tyler to leave the logistics in our team’s capable hands.

As Tyler explains, this has freed him to focus on his family, while Bendigo Gaming Tech maintains a competitive edge: “As a small business owner who works from my hallway at home, I can be competitive against huge companies. I don’t think there’s another marketplace where you have that opportunity available.”

To discover more about Bendigo Gaming Tech’s products, visit the Bendigo Gaming Tech store on Amazon Australia.