As the Managing Director of Canningvale, Jordan Prainito’s biggest challenge has been to modernise the company and set it up for success for the next 20 years.

Upon hearing the news that we were bringing Amazon to Australia and discovering inefficiencies in Canningvale’s e-commerce operations, Jordan decided Canningvale would like to sell on Amazon from day one.

Since then, Canningvale has seen tremendous results, starting with the first Prime Day in Australia, which saw the brand enjoy a 500 per cent lift in sales in one day. This provided a halo effect for the rest of Canningvale’s products on the Amazon store.

According to Jordan, “There’s very little to lose by selling on Amazon. As long as you have a good product at a good price and you optimise your listings correctly it’ll really work.”

Amazon Seller Success Stories: Canningvale

To discover more about Canningvale’s products, visit the Canningvale store on Amazon Australia.