As CEO and “gift guru” at The Perfect Gift Online, Rainer Hoffmueller knows a thing or two about selling a variety of products.

Recognising the need to increase his exposure to a broader range of Australians, Rainer made the decision to sell his products on Amazon due to the reach we offer our sellers.

Rainer says that by taking advantage of our Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program he has been able to leave most of the work to us: “I send the stock in to Amazon and they take care of everything else.”

FBA enables sellers to send their products to one of our fulfilment centres and leave all the shipping, handling, and customer service to us. By using FBA, Rainer has been able to spend more time with his family, while reaching a much larger customer base.

“It’s difficult on your own to reach everyone in a country,” Rainer explains. “I’m able to use Amazon to get exposure to all of those customers.”

Amazon Seller Success Stories: The Perfect Gift Online

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