All Jaz Wearin craved when she was pregnant was beer, but none of the non-alcoholic options on the market could scratch her itch.

This craving planted the seed for an idea that would resurface three years later when the Sydney-based mum and brewery owner needed to balance her love of beer with the demands of a busy business and active toddler.

Jaz and her husband co-founded Modus Operandi Brewing on the Northern Beaches in 2014. The couple have always shared a lifelong passion for ale, so in 2012 they quit their corporate jobs, grabbed their passports and flew to the US for a six-month-long beer crawl. During their trip they explored a new brewery every second day “at least”, all the while picking the brains of some of the country’s most qualified brewers.

Fast forward to September this year, and the beer lovers launched a new non-alcoholic beer. The beer, called NORT, is the answer to beer cravings during pregnancy, the night before an early start and anyone choosing or needing to curb their alcohol consumption. Plus, at only 49 calories per serving, its guilt free, and also plant based, and 100% Aussie owned and brewed.

“I wanted the NORT drinker to get all the aroma, mouthfeel and finish you would expect from a refreshing ale,” says Jaz.

“We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with the feedback we’ve received. It’s awesome to be able to bring our customers joy and an experience they have had to go without because of personal reasons and choices.”

Packaged and brewed in Australia, NORT has been crafted by a team mostly made up of females, which is unique in the male-dominated beer industry.

When the entrepreneur heard Amazon Australia was launching a Wine, Beer and Spirits store in June, she saw an opportunity to expand the reach of Modus. The brewery uses Fulfilment by Amazon, which provides businesses with the benefits of Amazon’s advanced fulfilment network and great delivery options. “Working with has been a positive experience. Thanks to Fulfilment by Amazon, we’ve been able to get our beer in the hands of customers across the country - especially in the more regional or remote areas where our beer isn’t always accessible.

“Amazon really excels at logistics, which we know the customer appreciates.”

Modus is currently gearing up for Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Jaz knows her customer base will use the sales as an opportunity to stock up for Christmas and summer.

“This year customers can add a case of beer as the cherry on the top to their shopping cart. I think everyone would agree that after this year, we all deserve a case of beer!”