When Melbourne-based friends and business partners, Joel, Nicole and Jarryd, noticed the raft of filtered and flawless versions of beauty dominating their social media feeds and advertising billboards, they made it their mission to challenge our unhealthy fixation with ‘perfection’. Rather than focusing on the outside, they wanted to create a product to remind its users that everyone is important, and that beauty is much more than skin deep.

“We wanted to create a product line that was more than just a perfume,” explains Jarryd. “We wanted a way to empower the consumer to not just smell great, but to feel great too.”

Already seasoned (and highly successful) social start-up entrepreneurs, the trio were keen to recapture the “sense of adventure” that they felt when launching a creative venture, as well as sharing their vision of a customisable fragrance and “morning pep talk” in scent form.

“Most of us wear perfume or cologne on a daily basis, so we thought that there was no better product to put an empowering twist on than these,” says Joel. “Something that inspires you to be the best version of yourself.”

The friends worked together to create an environmentally-friendly, luxurious fragrance collection made from plant-based oils. The result? Narrative Lab — a range of perfume bars, oil droppers, and roller balls with scents designed for both men and women.

Fragrance with a purpose — meet the plant-based perfume range that’s kind to your skin and to the planet

“We wanted to make a positive impact by creating a product that made people feel great every day,” explains Nicole.

“Putting on a fragrance that you love gives you a sense of strength. It allows you to leave the house feeling confident and powerful.”

Taking their cues from nature, the business partners worked with a third-generation perfumer to create fragrances that reflected the different aspects of the natural world — from the ocean to the forest — to take the wearer on a sensory journey.

Using locally-sourced plant-based concentrated oils — and mixed with other skin-loving ingredients such as coconut oil and safflower seed oil — the end product is designed to both nourish the skin, and to allow a long-lasting fragrance that develops gradually throughout the day.

“Our products don’t have any fillers or nasties,” says Jarryd. “The oils are plant-based and really nourish and moisturise when applied. Plus, they smell amazing!”

But while they wanted to empower users with a top-quality scent, they didn’t want to do it at the expense of the environment. As such, sustainability was at the core of Narrative Lab’s business model from the get-go.

“Creating solid fragrances cuts down on packaging and our containers across all our lines are reusable,” enthuses Nicole.

“We don’t use any animal products and avoid ingredients that can’t be farmed using sustainable practices.”

Each item in the product line is both vegan-friendly and cruelty free and all are refillable and reusable, which works out to be both economical for the consumer, and better for the environment.

Soon after launching two years ago, the start-up started selling on amazon.com.au to spread the word and expand their customer base.

“Amazon Australia offers enormous reach,” explains Joel. “We simply wouldn't have been able to get our product in front of so many Australians if not for them.”

Given that almost 60 per cent of the sales of physical products sold in Amazon stores globally are from third-party sellers, it’s unsurprising that Amazon Australia sees local SMB sellers as a huge priority. Amazon Australia supports them with all the tools they need to succeed, from product detail pages and brand recognition, to access to fulfilment services.

“Amazon’s fulfilment services allow us to reach customers fast,” says Joel. “So they have a great first experience with our brand, which then helps translate into ongoing sales.”

Narrative Lab

Certainly, the upcoming Amazon Australia Black Friday and Cyber Monday events will help put local SMBs like Narrative Lab front and centre as Aussies shop for gifts ahead of the approaching holiday season.

“Big sales days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday are amazing for sellers like us,” says Jarryd. “Because all the hard work is done by Amazon Australia.”

And while these scented stocking stuffers are the perfect gift option for the entire family, when the trio’s talk turns to the future, increasing sales — although obviously a focus — is not their top priority.

Instead, the most important consideration for the passionate entrepreneurs is to stay true to their original vision and to provide sustainable, plant-based oils and waxes that really make a difference.

“It’s all part of our commitment to be good to ourselves and to our planet,” finishes Nicole. “That’s what really matters.”

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