Picture the scene: a line-up of dogs are held back before two different bowls of food—one filled with a stock standard kibble, the other, a bowl of grass-fed, free-range Meat Mates. There’s a countdown and the hounds are released. Which bowl do they go to?

“They always choose our product,” laughed Maddy Surie, the eCommerce manager of Meat Mates, a revolutionary, high-meat pet food brand made fresh in New Zealand.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. As Surie described the premium range of products, “We have helped redefine pet nutrition for dogs and cats the world round.”

Launched in 2018, Meat Mates is all about keeping things simple. With an ingredients list that you can read, they switch out fillers and preservatives for 100% real meat—it’s no wonder Meat Mates rise to pet-food stardom has been nothing short of stellar

Product imagery of Meat Mates pet food with a customer

The brand’s strategy taps into human consumption trends of high protein, grain-free and traceability, creating an offering that is simple, premium, and ultimately makes sense. Swapping animal meal for real New Zealand meat, and gelling agents for a humble splash of water—it is no wonder cats and dogs go crazy for the taste.

One of the key reasons behind the brand’s success, Surie believes, is that most pet food manufacturers refer to the human buyers—the pet owners—and not the dogs or cats who actually consume the food. By focusing on providing the very best in natural nutrition that speaks to the palate and delivers to the health of the actual ‘consumers’, Meat Mates have found success.

“In 2018 we launched Meat Mates on Amazon.com and the benefits were immediately obvious,” said Surie. “Simply, we could not have reached these customers—and their owners—without Amazon.”

When the opportunity came knocking to start selling on Amazon Australia in 2019, the Meat Mates team jumped at the chance.

“We were already selling very well through another major retailer, so we knew Australians loved our product,” said Surie, “but having an exceptional product isn’t enough. Placement and the right channels, and knowing how to reach your audience? That’s equally important. That’s everything. Amazon provides that.”

“Week-on-week we see an increase in impressions and traffic,” she said.

Scale, in particular, is the key to Meat Mate’s success, “I love that we have control, via Amazon, to scale our own business as we see fit,” Surie said. “We can be specific with our messaging and promotions, and Amazon provides us with all the marketing tools we need.”

“We know the model, and we know it works,” she said. “Reaching dogs and cats across the globe is what we do!

Meat Mates is one of the hundreds of NZ businesses selling on Amazon.com.au. Head to amazon.com.au/shoplocalnz to see more.