Imagine if you could buy household essentials, AND help the environment at the same time? Introducing How We Roll.

The brainchild of entrepreneurs and friends, Huayi Huang and Georgia Wright, How We Roll was created out of Huayi’s desire to help the environment by making simple changes.

“We wanted to provide a one-stop online shop to get basic daily essentials – like toilet paper, tissues and garbage bags – but we also wanted to make them eco-friendly,” Huayi says.

The duo started How We Roll in May this year and were already working together on an online fashion store, PepperMayo. They wanted to move into sustainable fashion but realised doing so with their current brand would have its challenges.

“Moving an existing brand into the sustainable space is a bit difficult, so we thought, why don’t we just start from scratch and create a new kind of business?” he says.

The pair applied their years of fashion credentials and know-how to otherwise boring household staples, creating an eco-brand with eye-catching and fun designs.

“We wanted to let people know that just because it’s good for the planet, doesn’t mean it has to be dull,” says Huayi.

Starting during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company began with a streamlined product range, selling toilet paper, paper towels and tissues.

“We put all our eggs in one basket, but all the jokes and memes about a toilet paper shortage really helped us to get people to interact with the brand. It gave us a head start,” Huayi explains.

As things returned to a new kind of normal, the company looked to Amazon Australia as a growth partner for their thriving business.

How We Roll uses Fulfilment by Amazon, which provides it access to Amazon’s advanced fulfilment network and great delivery options.

“Using Fulfilment by Amazon, we can access consistently affordable shipping rates. This allows us to move into regional areas which would otherwise have been too expensive to ship to.”

As a new business, working with Amazon Australia has also provided a level of credibility that would have otherwise taken time to earn.

“Amazon has a whole lot of customers who trust them,” says Huayi. “These customers may have been more hesitant if they were buying directly from our small, independent website.”

How We Roll is part of the Amazon Launchpad program, which Huayi has been really impressed with. “We’re really grateful and proud to have our brand alongside the other businesses on there.”

The company is also gearing up for its first year of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Huayi is excited about the extra sales it may bring.

“Hopefully we will see some really strong performances,” says Huayi. “We’re new to but we are expecting big things for this year.”