Supporting Aussie businesses has been a key priority for Amazon Australia since its launch. Over the last few years, more than 100 new features, tools and services — all geared towards empowering Australian sellers to succeed and thrive — have been introduced. From fulfilment to inventory management and marketing, Amazon Australia has been working hard to make e-commerce easier so its local sellers can build and grow their businesses online.

The owner and founder of FUNDAY Natural Sweets in Melbourne, Daniel Kitay is just one of more than 11,000 Aussie business owners selling on Amazon Australia[1].

Reimagining the classics like sour peach-flavoured hearts, gummy bears and raspberry frogs (but with less sugar[2]), the enterprising confectioner only launched FUNDAY Natural Sweets in May last year, setting up on Amazon Australia within two months of the brand going live.

The first-time entrepreneur had also recently become a first-time father. With plenty of responsibility and very little time, Daniel found Amazon Australia helped take the headache out of starting a new business.

“The past 18 months saw me put my heart and soul into perfecting a product that I’m truly passionate about,” Daniel says. “Giving up my full-time job during a pandemic to focus on FUNDAY, while also welcoming our baby daughter, was a wonderful and often daunting experience.”

A lawyer by profession, the newly minted candy creator has joined the growing trend of new sellers finding success thanks to Amazon Australia’s powerful tools and features.

Amy Whitfield a Newly Minted Candy Creator
Photo by Amy Whitfield/Amy Whitfield

Building a business made easy

Sellers are successful when they have the right tools and features to adopt online selling and grow their business. Be it increasing a customer base, or ensuring efficient delivery; Amazon Australia brings together all the tools an SMB needs to succeed at their fingertips with Seller Central.

“The dashboard on offer via Seller Central encompasses everything an SMB needs to access and manage inventory, marketing and order fulfilment,” says the FUNDAY founder.

“The marketing acquisition costs are very competitive and, in some cases, much cheaper than other digital channels.”

Seller Central includes an ‘advertising' tab, helping sellers to set up sponsored ad campaigns that can boost visibility and help you reach more shoppers. Sellers can also get additional recommendations for promoting their products, like adding premium content.

Seeking fulfilment? Look no further

Fulfilment by Amazon — Amazon Australia’s flagship delivery offering — enables sellers to warehouse their products in an Amazon fulfilment centre, with its expert team then looking after all packing, shipping and customer service.

Thousands of Australian sellers witnessed an average 26 per cent uplift in sales in 2020[3] when embracing the efficiency, customer satisfaction, and competitive logistics cost of Fulfilment by Amazon .

With Multi-Channel Fulfilment, Australian sellers can choose to send all or some of their inventory directly to an Amazon fulfilment centre and have it delivered even when a sale is made in a third-party channel. When customers purchase products on the sellers’ website or elsewhere, Amazon is able to receive these orders and assist with packaging and shipping directly to customers.

“Amazon Australia has a very good reputation, as does its premium and reliable logistics and delivery offering,” Daniel says.

Amazon Australia also provides its sellers with a wealth of educational resources on how to sell in the Amazon Store, including videos, webinars and events specifically aimed to improving your experience and easing your path to seller success.

FUNDAY Natural Sweets

Today Australia, tomorrow… the world

While an increasing number of business owners continue to choose Amazon Australia to reach more of their local customer base, the opportunity to go global is also a big incentive for sellers with international aspirations.

“While our focus is currently on Australian customers, we’re already witnessing interest from New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the US,” the FUNDAY founder says.

“We’re looking forward to exploring global expansion with Amazon in the future.”

But for now, Daniel is content in continuing to refine his product offering while making the world a healthier place — one sweet at a time.

“Our goal is to continue developing lollies that taste as good as the lollies that we remember when we were kids, but this time without all the sugar and artificial sweeteners.”

Daniel and FUNDAY are well on the way to achieving this dream, and he recognises Amazon Australia has been a key part of that success.

“From building our brand and establishing our online storefront, to leveraging Fulfilment by Amazon, the mentorship and tools Amazon Australia offers have been crucial in growing our business.”

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[1] Australian businesses were identified based on the country of origin information provided by sellers to Amazon.

[2] Compared to leading confectionary brands according to FUNDAY Natural Sweets.

[3] Comparing performance of similar products with at least on sale 60 days pre and post a product’s enrolment in FBA in 2020. Future results may vary.