For any startup to succeed, passion needs to be present from the get go. That’s something that founders of Nura, Dragan Petrović and Luke Campbell absolutely possess. With a shared passion for music and a background in electrical engineering and medical hearing science respectively, the two set out to create headphones that automatically learn and adapt to an individual’s unique hearing.

Australian, Luke and American, Dragan knew the technology they needed to create the perfect product was unique to Australia, the country where the Bionic Ear was invented. Thanks to local businesses such as Cochlear, and research by the University of Melbourne, Australia is home to a community of experts that drive global technology advancements in hearing. It was access to this technology that drove Dragan to relocate and join Luke in his home country.

In 2018 Nura launched their advanced headphones, Nuraphone, revolutionisiong the technology offered to make the sound experience unique for each individual. The Wall Street Journal called them ‘the sonic equivalent of transitioning from black and white to Technicolor’.

“Just like our fingerprints or voices, hearing is unique to each person so finding a sound system that is perfect for everyone is impossible,” explains Dragan Petrović. “Using technology to understand how a person hears, we can create the perfect match for individual hearing. This enables us to provide a listening, or music, experience with an incredible level of depth, clarity and detail.”

Interest in Nuraphone has been overwhelming. The small business launched via crowdfunding, raising a staggering $1.8 million, which was at the time the largest in Australian Kickstarter history.

It was at CES – the largest global technology tradeshow in Las Vegas where they won Best of Innovation 2018 in the headphone category – that the Aussie-born product caught the attention of the team. After an initial appearance, Nura launched on Amazon Australia just in time for Prime Day 2018, an annual sales event exclusively for Amazon Prime members, delivering two days of big savings.

The results exceeded their expectations, “Prime Day is a huge moment for us,” says Dragan. “Our office is buzzing, and we’ve always been blown away by the results. It’s something that the team spend a couple of months gearing up for as it’s the busiest day of the year for sales, so it’s definitely worth all the preparation and craziness.”

Nura now has a team of 60 employees, mostly based in Australia. With two products available, the Nuraphone and the Nuraloop, teaming up with Amazon has helped Nura in delivering the perfect sound experience to more music lovers around the world. They now deliver their technology across the globe, including of course, the country where Dragan and Luke’s dream became a reality, Australia. is putting small Australian businesses front and centre through their ‘Shop Local’ store in the run up to the massive shopping event, Prime Day and beyond. Head to to shop products from hundreds of Australian small businesses.