“My wife made me promise not to start any new businesses without her permission,” laughed Sydney-based entrepreneur, Eran Thomson. “But when she saw everyone’s reaction to Song Saga, she happily gave me the nod to go ahead.”

Launched in 2020, Song Saga is a card game-meets-music app that gamifies storytelling and listening to music in a way that fosters real human connection.

“All you have to do is pull a green card and read the prompt, which is designed to spark a memory of a song and a moment that has meaning to you,” Eran said. “Then play the song on any music app, and while it’s playing, share your story.”

Players can score blue ‘You Rock!’ cards from other players for sharing epic song and story sets. And win gold card awards, and celebrity trivia for being awesome. And also, not awesome. To make things more interesting, there are optional add-on rules to take the game up a notch.

A surefire hit for game enthusiasts, music-lovers, and conversationalists alike, Eran believes it’s the perfect game for any scenario. “It offers a fun ice-breaker and is a really engaging way to connect with friends, co-workers, parents or even complete strangers.”

One of Eran’s favourite things about the game is how it surfaces songs and stories that might otherwise have gone unheard. “You will learn new things about your friends and discover new music every time you play,” he said.

Since making his product available on Amazon.com.au earlier this year Song Saga have seen a steady growth. And the benefits of Amazon for a startup are plentiful, said Eran.

“For small businesses and startups like us, to be able to sell on a digital shelf next to huge, established brands…well, that is awesome!” he enthused.

“Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) has proven to be an economical way for us to warehouse and ship games all across Australia, and we’re looking forward to scaling this further as the business grows and Song Saga becomes a household name.”

Another exciting milestone that’s just around the corner will be Song Saga’s first Prime Day—an annual fixture on the Amazon calendar that sees a huge range of products available at incredible prices.

“I hope Aussies take up this amazing opportunity to get their hands on the game ,” said Eran.

In the bigger picture, his goal is to crack the 10-million sales mark someday soon. Beyond sales and household recognition, what’s most important for the go-getter is what inspired the product to begin with: human connection.

“Games offer a really meaningful way for people to disconnect from work and reconnect with family and friends—the people that really matter.

Because if there’s anything that the COVID pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to get back to basics, look out for each other, and embrace our real life human connections while we still have the chance.”

Song Saga is one of the Aussie small businesses that will be front and centre during Prime Day and beyond through Amazon Australia’s ‘Shop Local’ store.