Sunshine Coast-based, Denise Billsborough, was shocked to discover the true cost of having a baby when she fell pregnant with her son, Archer.

“I found that many baby-related products were either way too expensive or low quality,” said Billsborough. “About to go from two salaries down to one, the budget was getting tight, but I still wanted products that were safe, convenient, and made to a high standard.”

The perceptive mum-to-be saw a clear opportunity: “It was obvious there was a real need for on-trend, convenient items, for both babies and toddlers, at a more affordable price point.”

Armed with some existing business skills and a long held dream to run her own business, Denise embraced the opportunity to start an online store that would help other cash-conscious parents in the same position as her. And so, Little Archer & Co. was born—quite literally.

Launched in 2018, the store quickly evolved into a one-stop-shop for all the add-on things parents need when having a baby.

“Quality, convenience and price are the key criteria for our products,” said Billsborough, “And safety is just as paramount.

“All our products are reviewed for safety and functionality. I identify and pre-test a range of products on my own child to ensure they meet my high standards.”

“I knew that, to reach a large audience and to really expand Little Archer & Co., selling on was a logical next step.”

“Working with Amazon Australia just makes everything so easy. Fulfilment by Amazon means that all the technical stuff is taken care of, from the store functionality and marketing, to storage and shipping, which, ordinarily, is a lot of work for one person. I really couldn’t have got this far in the time that I have without Amazon Australia.”

The benefits extend to customers, too. “Amazon really puts their customers first,” said Billsborough. “So you know that when people shop on the store they can really trust sellers, thanks to the strict policies and procedures that are in place.”

The upcoming annual Prime Day shopping event—a shopping extravaganza that sees tens of thousands of products at discounted prices—is the perfect opportunity for Amazon customers to get a great deal on products from Little Archer & Co.

“Our range is already marked at a very accessible price point, but our plans for Prime Day should make it even easier for savvy shoppers to nab a bargain!”

With big dreams for the future, Billsborough has plans to grow the product range to cater to the needs of new parents everywhere. “It’s all about adding convenience, and a splash of luxury, while aligning with core values of parents and carers, such as safety, environmentally-friendly materials, and affordability.

“Because every child deserves quality products that both help them thrive and won’t break the bank!”

Little Archer & Co. is one of the Aussie small businesses that will be front and centre during Prime Day and beyond through Amazon Australia’s ‘Shop Local’ store.