Earlier this week, Aussie goalie Mackenzie Arnold swapped her gloves for a seat behind the wheel to become an Amazon Flex delivery partner for a day.

The soccer star, who is back in Australia for the holidays, took to the streets in Brisbane to spotlight the drivers who make fast holiday deliveries possible at the busiest time of year—and surprise unsuspecting fans at their doorstep.

“I know what it’s like to be busy in the lead-up to Christmas and I rely heavily on online deliveries when I’m travelling around the world,” Arnold said. “So, it’s a good feeling to be able to come home to not only make some of these Christmas deliveries possible, but also help out some of the legends who work as Amazon Flex drivers.”

Follow her on her journey as an Amazon Flex delivery partner in the photos below, and see some of the best reactions of those who received packages delivered by the celeb goalie.

Mackenzie teams up with Amazon Flex delivery partner Phil Rock to deliver the day's packages.

Mackenzie Arnold and Amazon Flex driver Phil Rock seated in a delivery van.

The star goalie unloads packages for her first job.

Mackenzie Arnold unloading Amazon packages from a van.

A fistbump for the first delivery 👊

Mackenzie Arnold fistbumps Amazon Flex driver Phil Rock.

Knock, knock!

Mackenzie Arnold knocking on a house door to deliver an Amazon parcel.

Surprise! Eleven-year-old Pippi Young and her sisters can't believe that the Amazon Flex delivery partner at the door is Mackenzie.

Eleven-year-old Pippi Young looking shocked as she opens her door to see Mackenzie Arnold delivering her Amazon packages.

Off to Hamilton for the next delivery, where Mackenzie swaps a package for a high-five.

Mackenzie Arnold gives a high five to Daniella Fowler-Artica as her parents look on.

Next, a delivery to young fans Antoni and Coen Harbeck.

Mackenzie Arnold shaking hands with 13-year-old Antoni Harbeck and his brother Coen.

Another stop, another surprise and smiles all round.

Mackenzie Arnold taking a wefie with fans Emily and Chloe Taylor.

Legwork done, it's time for some fancy footwork.

Mackenzie Arnold shows Amazon Flex driver Phil Rock some fancy football footwork.

"I think we had a ball of a time..."

Mackenzie Arnold and Amazon Flex driver Phil Rock in a delivery van.

How to become an Amazon Flex delivery partner

For those looking to earn a little extra to supplement your existing income, you can sign up to Amazon Flex and deliver Amazon packages to customers using your own vehicle. Amazon Flex offers drivers the flexibility to be able to work when it suits them and earn extra money in their free time. Opportunities across the country vary based on region and vehicle type. Head to flex.amazon.com.au to find out more.

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